PART 1 : A Funny Story ....Si Tu No Es Yo (if you ain't me)" AKA Pinche Bolillo's/Low Dog's Story

PART 1 : A Funny Story ....Si Tu No Es Yo (if you ain't me)" AKA Pinche Bolillo's/Low Dog's Story
Sorry my Break Out (of heartbreak mindset) post wasnt about Easter. Tengo un story para decir. (I have a story to tell).Gloria and I, just small part of it...yes she crushed my heart like a ripe avacado most recently, but she wasn't THE FIRST ONE...oh wait,
Yes she was, pero I digress, I promise to make the story funny...since the story kinda starts with Gloria (actually 2 Mexican girls back) , I'm gonna go in and out of present time to tell my story. I solidified my catch line tonite ...."and if you ain't me........that shit is funny!" (LIKE my 7th grade novia comin' back to break my heart all over again 42 years later)....since im finally moving back, im always trying to be funny anyway...i mite as well try my humor out on Mexican pop/friends. Now is the time..cause humor is all i got (now) to keep me from hanging myself. I tried to hold that shit in..out of respect para GD near killed me..I was literally riding my mower (2 1/2 acres)...and cryin THE WHOLE GD TIME (5 HOURS)...and u know, "if you aint me...............funny! (somethin gotta give humor wise).
.... let me say i still love Loli even tho she says she ll never love me ..(She went from Hot to Cold faster than the shower RIGHT/LEFT knob).I still want to marry her (Maaaybe)... we talked about it..even tho now Crazy Woman flags goin up left & right...still love her, wouldnt be 1st Chica Loca I've loved... 

Mexican ( & related) friends please vote : Should you digo my story el nombre "Pinche Guero" o "Pinche Bolillo".....which is funnier?.. mite wanna listen to my song "I Live in the Barrio" >FB>Low Dog Band > Videos ( So Low Dog on WDBX ( SHERIFF PIC) /me standing with Fat Guy/sitting with guitar, black t shirt ...3 songs recorded together...BARRIO is 2nd song, i think. Thanks for your help....Part 2 coming soon of "a funny tu no es Yo!" (Of course there will be songs too)


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