Part 3 : Pinche Bolillo' s/ low dog's story Great grandfather, Chief Robinson of potawatomi

Part 3 : Pinche Bolillo' s/ low dog's story. I always thought l was part Indian (pic is my alledged 4x Great grandfather, Chief Robinson of potawatomi)...aside from being told i was part Indian, something inside me KNEW I was Indian. I think this is why I felt such an affinity with the Mexican American kids ( the different Culture i grew up in which i mentioned)..i had many Mexican friends, learned Spanish....and, of course.......las Chicas. They liked me....and I liked them. Was early 70s. Of course, when i had my DNA checked....i'm FKN Viking, not Indian. 100 percent Guero (white). The chief may still be my ancestor, but he's 1/2 White himself...would make me less than 1 percent Native ( won't show up in test)...but i seriously think past life, Rachel Munoz captured my attention in 4th grade..Comal sits on the actual Nacodoches Trail ( i saw Mexican kids scolded for speaking Spanish by asshole Mr Klien)....story will continue...funnier shit in part 4..( or maybe I just liked Mexicans...thats how my dad was)


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