PART 2 : LOW Dog/pinche bolillo's story father

PART 2 : LOW Dog/pinche bolillo's story father was FBI Agent. I was moved to San Antonio/New Braunfels area 3rd grade, i spent my formative years thru 7th grade there. I returned there when i was 16 for a year, only to find out Gloria had gotten married just months before...i was so sad to discover this news, she had written me less than a year before but i didnt write her back...i was in love with big heartbreak #2.....both of our lives mite have been vastly different if i had written her back. I got off trac here....thats the way this story will go. Next installment : I grew up in a vastly different Culture than the one i live in now/ No one told me i was Guero/white....except for the girl who yelled Pinche Bolillo (white bread fucker) AT me while playing Four Square at Canyon Middle School. Loli & I have no contact now..altho she will not be happy about my story/therapy...let her know i will omit personal info...not trying to hurt/embarrass her in anyway. I love/respect her....miss her terribly.


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